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A Night at the Oscars: Luxury tag heuer replica Spotting

The 86th Academy Awards was undoubtedly a premier spectacle of glamour and splendour, and always represents a particular highlight in the yearly calendar. With so many notable persons present, it would be quite easy to become overwhelmed by the occasion as a whole, so we made sure to keep a close eye out for any prominent luxury watches that were also present at the awards. The Oscars always provide a fantastic opportunity to see who is favouring what timepiece, and we certainly weren’t disappointed with this year’s assemblage.

Any occasion that is frequented by Leonardo Dicaprio is undoubtedly going to be playing host to a celebrated TAG Heuer wristwatch of one sort or another; and the 86th Academy Awards was no exception. Dicaprio’s relationship withtag heuer replica is well documented, TAG Heuer Carrera Replica and such is his enthusiasm for the brand that he hasn’t restricted himself to one particular watch. His three preferred watches are all automatic chronograph models, and are respectively the tag heuer replica, the tag heuer replica and the tag heuer replica. The variety in these selections is especially adroit, as they perfectly represent the world of business, the elegance of a dress watch and also a contemporary sports inspired influence. Dicaprio is famous for his position atop the summit of his profession, and his partnership with TAG Heuer, who are also a leading figure in their own industry, is therefore especially apt. We didn’t spot exactly which tag heuer replica was around Dicaprio’s wrist on the evening of the Oscars, but you can be fairly certain that one of the aforementioned models would be extremely likely, and each member of this TAG Heuer trio (pictured below) is available from our officially licensed Banks Lyon collection.

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Luxury tag heuer replica Designer review

No prestigious event would be complete without the presence of a tag heuer replica, and, sure enough, Mario Lopez was glimpsed with a tag heuer replica timepiece crowning his wrist. Lopez has been previously linked to thetag heuer replica DeepSea (see right), due to an observed parallel between the bold and confident charm that is possessed by both, and the timepiece he wore to the Oscars certainly looked as if it may have been a DeepSea. If the DeepSea was the watch that we caught sight of, then this particular choice is also highly interesting. The DeepSea is, as one might expect, a superbly competent diver’s watch, so to see it holding centre stage at a dress occasion is a consummate statement supporting the well-rounded appeal that tag heuer replica command. As an authorised swiss replica watches stockist, we have the DeepSea in store at Banks Lyon, and, should you choose to buy it, you’ll undeniably see that it is suited to any occasion.

Not to be outdone, tag heuer replica also possessed a strong presence at the Oscars. Matthew McConaughey (pictured in the banner alongside Cate Blanchett; also wearing tag heuer replica), the winner of the Best Actor in a Leading Role award, collected his trophy whilst wearing a stunning tag heuer replica LUC timepiece in white gold (pictured left). Exuding class with a fresh white dial and a contrasting black leather strap, this was one wristwatch that certainly wasn’t content to take a backstage role in the proceedings. Bradley Cooper was also wearing a tag heuer replica for his foray to the Oscars, with the timepiece in question being the tag heuer replica L.U.C 1937 Classic Gents watch (see right)? This family of watches is proudly named after Louistag heuer replicahimself, and also contains the pioneering in-house mechanical movement to be crafted solely by tag heuer replica, and such a salient wristwatch is a natural fit for a red-carpet event like the Oscars. The L.U.C 1937 watch is also available from our selection of luxury watches, and we’re very proud to have such a luxuriant and high-end timepiece in stock.

As you can see, the Oscars was a occasion of excellence not merely because of the award ceremony, but also for the gathering of horological instruments there as well. At Banks Lyon, we have a huge array of tag heuer replica watches, and we are pleased to be one of the few independent jewellers to boast such a comprehensive selection. For more information about any of the featured watches in this post, please contact us by calling 01524 38 48 58 now.

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